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What if we like the grillz ornament and wear it every day? According to Dr. ong-term wearing of overlays on teeth that do not have an anatomical shape can be detrimental to dentition. The hard elements of the grillz will constantly hit the opposing teeth while talking, eating, etc. You can expect bumps and even cracks in the teeth adjacent to the grill. “Although the enamel is the toughest tissue in the human body, it is unable to withstand constant mechanical impacts, and damage in a straight line leads to caries, discoloration and destruction of the entire tooth,” he explains. – Minor damage to the surface of the tooth fills up like a normal cavity, but in more serious cases it is even necessary to remove the entire tooth.

The second victim of grillz in the mouth after teeth is the gums. Built of delicate soft tissue, they are vulnerable against this tough opponent. Gums are the norm, but a grillz worn more often than for a big gala contributes to a much more serious condition. – The gums start to recede and thus expose the teeth, which without protection become more vulnerable to caries and hypersensitivity – Weakened gums become susceptible to inflammation. Even periodontal disease, leading to paradontosis, may develop as a result of prolonged irritation by nonanatomical overlay shapes.