Bar grillz

Of course, in the era of personalization, there was no shortage of those who added to the object – in itself eccentric – his name. This is the case of Cara Delevingne’s” bling bling ” (In this way you don’t need to introduce yourself, just smile to make you recognize!).
The prestigious photographer Christian Ferretti used this jewel for a captivating article in Interview magazine.

One of the most common problems caused by bar grillz is tooth breakage, says the famous dentist Javier Canut. The harmful effects of this fashion must be taken into account. Initially, they were golden covers that adhered to the tooth, so experts had questioned their integrity not only for hygiene, but because a part of the tooth was destroyed. Today bar grillz are removable, making them more practical for everyday use.

You almost no longer know how to surprise in the face. Nose rings and lip piercings have long looked gaudy. Tattoos that rise up on the throats and necks are also nothing new. So how can you still make an impression at first glance? With a grin, exposing his flashing Grillz.

Grillz is the name of the gold, silver or platinum toothed mouldings, some of which are refined with diamonds, which are placed over the front of the teeth so that they unfold a glittering and brutal effect in the mouth. Originally a Hip-Hop specialty, Grillz came into fashion in the eighties, even before Rihanna, Madonna and sports stars like Ryan Lochte wore them. For example, Rapper Flavor Flav from Public Enemy. His trademark was a huge Cape watch, the words ” yeeaahh booyy!”and this all-round gilded grin.