Custom fitted grillz

Lately the pop star Madonna has thought to resume the trend in vogue among hip-hop artists of the 80s and launched the fashion of custom fitted grillz . On the occasion of the inauguration of his new gym in Rome, The Hard Candy Fitness, he showed off his beautiful smile by exhibiting his new must: the custom fitted grillz . And it is frequent that when an icon of the show dictates a trend, everyone begins to imitate it.
Nowadays the custom fitted grillz jewel apparatus has become an absolute must of the stars. Of course it’s a pretty extravagant fashion but to keep up with trends, almost every star has used custom fitted grillz at least once as a symbol of beauty and power. custom fitted grillz has become a real craze that is having unprecedented success. It seduced fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld, followed by Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and finally Beyoncé who sported a super shiny custom fitted grillz of gold during the election campaign in favor of Obama.
Now it is the most envied cult object of the moment so much that in London and New York are already beginning to spread dental clinics that realize it in all shapes and colors and with various decorations.

Custom fit grillz – review

Especially here in the USA the word Grillz brings forth various associations. While connoisseurs immediately know that this is a tooth jewelry Trend that started in American Hip Hop and Rap, others think of open-air meat brooders. Of course, there is no Grill for grilling, but Grillz as an embellishment of your Chew Bar!

But what are Grillz anyway? Grillz are high-quality tooth jewelry that is put on your teeth as an artificial Crown. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a single tooth, several teeth or an entire row of teeth can be included. In terms of Design and composition, there are virtually no limits to the imagination. While Grillz used to be delivered predominantly as a finished product and offered only standardized shapes and sizes, there are now individual designs for every customer. And this is also extremely important because without individual adaptation to your Teeth, tooth jewelry can lead to devastating health problems in the mouth and throat.

Custom fit grillz – is it worth? price

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