Diamond Dust Grillz / Diamond Cut Grillz

For our famous people, appearing is the basis of their philosophy and image. Whether for their behavior, their way of dressing or their relationships, everything can be an opportunity to remain impressed in the minds of their fans. Why not take advantage of real jewelry to make your smile unique?

The latest fad of the star system from overseas, which is also spreading in the beautiful country, is the diamond dust grillz . These are not common dental veneers, as it may seem, but very special and valuable removable dentures. The diamond dust grillz takes over the fashion of the golden teeth created in the 80s by rap singers who, in addition to the classic “patacconi” hanging around their neck, proudly flaunted their golden smile to mark with strength the achievement of the social status so desired. In the 1990s it underwent a reinterpretation conceived by New York artists and achieved definitive success during the mid-2000s due to the spread of Dirty South rap and the mainstream caratura of hip hop.

diamond dust grillz – is it worth?

The Grillz of Flavor Flav were not yet, like today’s models, to take out. He had specially had his teeth dragged down so that they fit into the solid gold caps. This technique came from the black dentist Eddie Plein. The New Yorker is thus credited with the actual invention of the Grillz.

Your own mouth can also be something like a safe
Today, removable Grillz are the latest Update in the long history of dental jewelry: in Etruscan tombs, teeth wrapped with gold thread were found. The Mayans drilled holes in teeth and filled them with gemstones, such as Jade. Tooth jewelry has always been a status symbol. Where the modern Grillz most likely go back to the African-American tradition of the gold tooth and point to the fact that freed slaves in the USA distrusted the banks of the Whites after the Civil War. They preferred to put their money in their teeth. Your own mouth can also be something like a safe. “I put my money where my mouth is”, it was then also 2005 in the Hit” Grillz ” of the rapper Nelly.

Diamond Grillz: A New method To Wear Diamonds?

Now I know that in the special finger on the left, find the answer, but some people it seems, this feeling is the most popular, attention. Talk to you. Celebrities wear diamonds everywhere, and fresh fashion for me to believe, it seems that we are everywhere. Diamond grill series.Singer Diamond Rihanna post photos she various additions, pop queen Beyonce also believe that Diamond Teeth a while ago, and bow down his new track wearing them to see him. Call Me traditional, but when you hear the word diamond, a few words come to mind. Have fun, elegance and love. In addition, people offer diamond ring, a diamond grill. This is the elegance of the grilles series of diamonds!

There. Grill the entertainment industry in longtime fascination (or grillz, it’s also spelled a prominent). However, the most common types are, of gold, wearing many stars have seen grille decked out in their teeth over diamonds. In honor of #DiamondMonth, we decided to break down the siege to explore, grill history, as well as their teeth on diamonds for thousands of stars who made some memorable of the partnership.