Diamond Grillz

However, I do not believe in easy equations, even in jewelry and all the more so observing how for years the concept of jewelry is being distorted of its essence.

The flashing biters are mostly made of platinum, silver and Gold and depending on the degree of decadence of the wearer, they are additionally decorated with precious gems or inscriptions. These are not classic gold teeth, as they are known from dentistry, but a piece of jewelry that is worn over the teeth. The Grillz can therefore be set up and down on the teeth as desired. The prices of the noble chewing mouldings vary naturally due to their expensive components and are practically unlimited upwards.

Call Me ancient, Call Me retrograde wand, but I’m having a really hard time considering diamond grillz as jewelry.

We see them glistening like a streetlight in the Ring Road and immediately we know that it is him: Sfera Ebbasta has sold out at the stages of the tours, has broken Spotify records and shows a golden dent that has dazzled the whole Italy, still incredulous.

The bling accessory that sports sphere Ebbasta (because he is only sphere, but Facebook claimed a surname and so now it is also Ebbasta) is called diamond grillz and is a prosthesis made to cover the real teeth with capsules in Mint Gold: this is precisely the secret weapon that ignites the smile of the real trap king of Ciny. These removable prostheses, also available in a sober version studded with precious stones, are returning to fashion after a period of silence and are even landed overseas to qualify trappers who can not forget their origins.


The way our overlays fit is very simple and pleasant. vTwo sets of silicone cartridges are added to each grillz, which are then assembled into pads. Then prepare a dish (there may be a cup) into which you pour boiling water. Carefully put our prepared grillz into the dish using a spoon for 10 to 15 seconds. We then pull out the cap and stick it in our mouth, trying to position it so that the teeth that are on it cover ours. (Best done in front of a mirror) Now we just clench our teeth firmly and hold for about 30 seconds.The question now is what motivates the celebrities of our time to wear such an eye-catching accessory. Many suspect that the answer to this question is an expression of individual personality. On the other hand, it can also be a display of one’s own prosperity. After all, particularly unusual copies can well and gladly cost $ 100,000 – if not more. Especially with many rappers, who come from a difficult social Milieu, the, for all well visible, Grillz could be an expression of having made it. Despite all the adversity, they managed to become rich and famous. The gold teeth would thus be the embodiment of the fulfillment of the American dream. In addition,” flexing”, that is, bragging about one’s own wealth, is more or less a good thing in the scene.

But for a long time it is no longer reserved for the Gangster rappers to decorate their teeth in this way. Pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are also following the Trend. Even the American swimmer Ryan Lochte, who at first glance does not want to fit into the extravagant ranks of the grillz wearers, joins in as well. An illustrious circle seems to emerge, to which only those who possess money in excess can belong. The deliberate provocation, the for some objectionable tooth beautifier, could also be a factor that moves one or the other celebrity to gain Grillz.

Originally, the tooth jewelry in the Form in which we know it today was worn exclusively by rappers. This development started in the early 1980s, the New Yorker Eddie Plein is considered the forefather, with his famous “Eddie’s Gold Teeth”. However, if you want to get to the bottom of people’s tendency to decorate their teeth with Gold, you will often come across the claim that the ancient Egyptians started it more than 2000 years ago. However, this is a misconception based on the discovery of two archaeologists from the early 20th century. Contrary to initial assumptions, the two teeth found, which were connected with Gold, were only worked after the death of the person concerned and not during his lifetime. The first supposed Grillz, were therefore more of a necklace.