drip grillz

The drip grillz is a form of decoration that goes back to the Customs and customs of the African populations of Senegal and Mali, and then became, at the end of the 80s, the traditional symbol of the African-American population.
Over time drip grillz has spread more and more to become an object of desire of many young people. Much of his luck is due especially to the most famous rappers who wore it in their music videos. Not surprisingly ” drip Grillz” is the title of a song by the famous American rapper Nelly.
And again, drip grillz was very fashionable even among those who identified themselves in hip-hop. Falling into the hip-hop style meant wearing baggy jeans with a wide leg, white T-shirts or sports jackets, high basketball shoes, cap or do-rag, flashy and shiny pendants and finally drip grillz.

drip grillz review

After introducing the women of the Show business who adorn themselves with Grillz, we do not want to leave the men out of the picture. Especially in the Hip-Hop and Rap scene there are some carriers of impressive Grillz. Nelly stands out above all, who caused a Furore with drip Grillz at public appearances and in music Videos. It seems like Nelly is just taking off his Grillz for dinner. Nelly also expresses his Fable for Grillz in his song of the same name “Grillz”. Stromae, Kanye West, Marilyn Manson, Lil Wayne and many other Stars from music and Film have also jumped on the Trend and wear tooth jewellery of the Extra class.

The fact that so many Stars and starlets show up with Grillz is – as already indicated at the beginning – a really good thing. How come? Well, when Hollywood greats and pop titans decorate their teeth with it, there must have been tremendous progress in terms of dental health and Hygiene. Whereas Grillz used to be a real imposition on the teeth, today the pieces of jewellery meet all the necessary requirements to be worn by normal mortals without hesitation: affordable, not harmful to health and removable at any time.