Fanged grillz

The direct consequence of this phenomenon is, for example,a pronounced dental malocclusion, which in turn is responsible for more or less important problems both for the teeth and for the spine. The dangers to dental health also arise from the choice of material: those who can not afford gold and platinum appliances run the risk of wearing fanged grillz made of substandard metals that accentuate the possibility of spreading bacteria and acids that attack teeth and gums.
In conclusion if you want to wear a fanged grillz at all costs it is essential that it is not pre-packaged but individual and therefore that it is made to measure by a dentist. It should be made with hypoallergenic materials, it should be removed during meals, the teeth should be washed with special care and the fanged grillz should be sanitized and cleaned with lotions for non-toxic metals.

Are Grillz always harmful to teeth?

No, quite the opposite. All jewelry from our house are made individually for you and adapted to your teeth. This high Standard is necessary to ensure that your teeth do not suffer any damage while wearing them, but also sit firmly enough on the other side so that they do not fall out of your mouth. So if you buy your tooth jewelry from us instead of relying on shabby China imports, you are definitely on the safe side. What is so dangerous about prefabricated fanged Grillz ? Well, imagine you get a braces that don’t correct your teeth to grow properly, but deliberately force them into unnatural postures. Exactly the same thing happens when you wear fanged Grillz for long periods of time that have not been adapted to your teeth. Your teeth move and warp and permanent damage to your teeth occurs. Cheap Grillz, which according to advertising supposedly fit for every wearer, work via a small wax rail in the fanged Grillz itself. Softened under hot water, the splint quickly takes on the imprint of the teeth. The problem is that the arrangement of your teeth is not taken into account and the Grill not only damages the gums, but also creates abrasion on the necks of the teeth. So be prepared individually when it comes to Grillz!

fanged grillz review

The idea of a ‘gilded smile’ is actually not entirely new. Especially in, uh, certain circles (read: organized crime) it was not unusual to have all your teeth covered with a gold crown over the years. In this way, wealth could be expressed even more clearly – besides, the gold in the mouth is difficult to steal. In fact, gold crowns were also considered a valuable investment for a long time, after all, the raw material can be melted down and reused at any time. Since the Hip-Hop and Rap scene in particular likes to present itself as a hard gang and visually the proximity to Underground and Crime is sought, Gangsta rappers were looking for a stylish counterpart to the Golden ‘Mafia smile’. And so it came about that in the mid-90s fanged Grillz for the first time graced the teeth of rappers. While the first specimens were still rather coarse, firmly glued on and very, very bad for teeth and teeth, the industry is now quite a bit further. In cooperation with professional dental technicians, our pieces are individually made of Gold and silver and tailored to your wishes. The patterns have also become more versatile. In the past, ‘more is better’ was still used, while various forms of fanged Grillz can be found.