Gold grillz

The fashion of gold teeth is depopulating in America and not only, show off shiny teeth, covered with diamonds or shiny dentures is certainly not a novelty among the famous people. But what are removable gold teeth?

Actually they are some kind of tooth cover dentures called gold grillz, so more simply the mouthguards of gold, silver or platinum that go to cover the teeth.The dental surgeon will make the dental jewel by taking the imprint of your teeth and then bring it to a jeweler or a specialized supplier. Any other non-approved person could damage the teeth and cause serious oral problems.

This fashion comes from American hip hop culture and is gradually gaining more and more foot. These types of tooth covers or gold Grillz can be made to measure or purchased already all made.Scary or sexy ? We don’t know what to think about the grillz, which is still a rage among the stars. Grillz is a purely decorative denture that covers one or more teeth. From Beyoncé to Johnny Depp, including Miranda Kerr, James Franco and Lana Del Rey, zoom in on this new craze !

Dental jewelry has the wind in its stern, but the damage they can cause to your teeth is often considerable.
Grillz are these teeth-covering jewelry, made from metal and precious stones and developed in the early 1980s by hip-hop artists who are fond of these removable inserts covering the front teeth. These accessories are made of gold, silver or metal inlaid with jewelry. Their price ranges from 20 EUR to several thousand euros for more models élaborés.Et how ! Rigorous dental hygiene is essential, and includes flossing and brushing your teeth with anti-microbial toothpaste. Food and plaque easily settle on the grillz, resulting in gum irritation, gingivitis and caries. These dental jewelry can also cause abrasions or cracks in adjacent teeth, recoil of the gum or discoloration of the teeth. Grillz should be removed before any food ingestion or mouth rinsing. It can give rise to allergic reactions to the metal.


The grillz is a decorative denture in vogue since the return of bling-bling. The prosthesis is usually made of precious metal (gold or silver) and sometimes or often inlaid with precious stones.

The term bling-bling is derived from hip-hop jargon and refers to the jewelry and accoutrements of some rappers.

I learned that rapper Paul Wall played an important role in the marketing and sale of grillz. According to Wikipedia, other personalities are known to wear grillz: Joey Starr, Lil ‘ Jon, Nelly, Gucci Mane and J’pass. ait, I met a new patient who wants orthodontic treatment to align his teeth from the top. He explained to me that he did not need treatment downstairs because he had made himself a gold prosthesis that he applied to his teeth and so they appeared to be straight.

In the modern era, it was the rappers who massively opted for grillz. In France we remember Joey Starr. In addition to Atlantic, Nelly and Lil Wayne are active members of the grillz addict club. The funny thing is that the wearing of this golden teething by rappers has the same origins as those attributed to the maya people. The first goal is to show that his crew is successful. A success first of all esteem but also and above all a financial success. This is also the whole concept of bling-bling: display gold to metaphorize what we have earned. In ringing and stumbling currency.

For some time and as red carpets, we see appear on the teeth of people and especially girls this famous grillz, most often in golden version. So, we shout at the new trend while saying that frankly it does not make them look very smart. At best, we get back to it twice and we become aware of the dental accessory, at worst we think it’s a pity that despite the glory Katy Perry does not have the means to afford a dentist worthy of the name. Despite the ridicule of the trick, the grillz seems to make more and more followers. We can mention Madonna, Rihanna (who also does not do in lace because his is in The Shape of a machine gun, good taste when you hold us), Miley Cyrus or more

It is important to consult a dental surgeon to know the procedure for placing a grillz and the implications for your oral health.