Maybe you’ve never heard of grillz accesories or bling bling but surely you’ve seen some photos or videos of one of your favorite musicians or Hollywood stars.
It is a type of jewelry designed for the dental apparatus also known as “bling bling” (onomatopoeic term for shining jewelry). Simply put, metal and buds are applied to the teeth.This trend began to flourish among the exponents of the so-called” gangsta rap ” in the 90s in the USA.
One of the first to wear these items seems to have been Eddie Plein more than 25 years ago, but it was only in 2005 that this new fashion fashion began to become popular thanks to rappers from the southern United States (Atlanta, New Orleans and Miami on all).
This trend was born as a hallmark of the poorest classes. Professor Murray Forman of Northeastern University, a specialist in pop and Hip Hop music, is of the idea that the “grillz accessories” serve to demonstrate the economic success of these classes.

Grillz – not only for rappers

While tooth jewelry was reserved for the hard Gangsta rappers for a long time, the Trend has now also reached Stars and starlets from the Pop scene. Whether at the MTA Video Music Awards or on the red carpet at the Oskars – Grillz can be found on the bites of celebrities from all over the world. For example, there is the Queen Of Pop, Madonna. On Instagram, the Pop mom proudly presented her latest pieces of jewelry. But anyone who thinks it’s a once-in-a-lifetime fun is absolutely wrong. No sooner had she made friends with the jewels of Gold and rhinestones than she could not tear herself away from them. Meanwhile, the Queen of Pop wears conspicuous tooth jewelry at almost every public appearance.What the Queen of Pop can do, I can do too, thought pop stars and Trend princesses, and promptly imitated Madonna. For example, there is Katy Perry. At the MTV Video Music Awards, Perry repeatedly clenched his teeth and showed off a punky Grill made of white gold and rhinestones. The Grill includes her six upper incisors, on which is written “Roar”, the title of a successful Single. Fitting, we think – because the way Katy grits her teeth, she almost looks like a wild predator.