Open Face Grillz

The open face grillz , also called front, is a decoration that for its intrinsic message, must necessarily be flashy and visible. It is a look that must strike and must be instantly recognizable. Bringing the open face grillz must suggest the idea of a great economic well-being, as if there are no more free points to bring the jewelry and therefore you are forced to resort to the mouth. The open face grillz is certainly the most characteristic element of the famous bling bling style of hip-hop culture that after years of isolation tries to get out of the ghettos to conquer the whole world.
These are devices preferably in gold, silver, platinum possibly embellished with diamonds or precious stones. open face grillz are applied on the teeth or between the teeth or both possibilities. Usually they are removable, but some wear them permanently as in the case of the famous rapper Lil Wayne, who for this reason, apparently had serious problems with his teeth.

open face grillz review is it worth?

Tooth jewellery has been an absolute Must for Stars and starlets for years. Nowadays it is not enough if the teeth are bright white. It has to be something more, something very special! And so it comes that celebrities from Film, Entertainment and music wear more and more discreet, but conspicuously Noble pieces of jewelry on their teeth. At the beginning, mainly Ghetto rappers and Hip-Hop Queens graced their little teeth with eye-catching open face Grillz made of Gold, silver and platinum, the jewelry also quickly paved a way for the teeth of Pop Stars and Hollywood greats. Also you can get the look of the Stars with Grillz and tooth jewelry! For women of the world, tasteful pieces of jewelry on the teeth are particularly suitable. The directive is discreet, but striking. When you turn your mouth into a beautiful smile, you want to reveal more than just perfect teeth. A cheeky Brillie on Gold, for example, or a single gilded tooth with a punched asterisk.

Where a new Trend comes up, teen Star Miley Cyrus is of course not far away. The actors and singers also like to wear special tooth ornaments at Parties and ceremonial occasions. In contrast to her colleagues, Miley prefers discreet Grillz, which only enclose individual teeth and therefore do not stand out so clearly with a smile, but achieve a sweet Bling-Bling effect. Supposedly, Miley Cyrus has a very extensive collection of different Grillz, so that she can wear a new piece for every occasion.