If we think that there is a simple equation, to which everything that is made with gold, silver or platinum is a gem, all the more reason then, if we also use diamonds or other precious stones, then there would be no doubt: the premade grillz should be considered to all effects and teeth-jewel.

On the other hand, these precious premade grillz are often “worn” along with mega gold necklaces, diamond earrings, endless rings, just to stay in the concept of “pure aesthetics”. In short, a rich jewelry safe emptied on it, as I happened to notice in the interview with Sfera Ebbasta. And hello hello jewelry etiquette!

“Smile for me daddy, let me see ya grill”, Nelly rapped back in 2005 in his Song “pre-made Grillz” and thus set a musical monument to a piece of Hip-Hop culture: Grillz-the eye – catching jewelry made of Gold, silver or platinum that is worn over the teeth, often also set with diamonds, because the more Bling Bling, the better.


And what would be a Trend without a member of the Kardashian clan falling for it? Kim Kardashian has posted a photo with sparkling tooth jewelry on Instagram several times. Her latest achievement: white gold pre-made Grillz studded with sparkling stones. But she is not the only tooth jewellery lover of the family. Sister Kendall Jenner has also been spotted with it.

Jewelry designer Dolly Cohen creates the pre-made Grillz of Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, John Legend or Madonna. The former dental technician has now devoted herself entirely to the dental jewelry she makes from 18-carat yellow and white gold. Her Repertoire ranges from filigree to opulent, from which she implements each Design only once.

Already in the early 1980s the phenomenon of pre-made Grillz came up: Flavor Flav was one of the first to adapt the golden jewelry for the teeth, the rappers of Outkast, Big Boi and André 3000 followed, as well as Lil John, and in the 2000s the Dirty South rappers like Nelly wore the status symbol. Also a well-known grillz carrier of today is Rapper and Fashion Influencer A$AP Rocky.