Silver Grillz

It is very important that we get an accurate impression of your teeth. Finally, on the basis of the impression, we form your tooth jewelry. To make such an impression, you need to get an appointment with your dentist and jointly make an impression in the form of a silicone cushion. For this you get from the dentist a batch of special silicone, on which you have to bite vigorously on it. You will receive an exact instruction from your dear uncle doctor. But the bottom line is that this is done very quickly and without any problems. Then you have to pack the silicone cushion well and send it to us. As a result, our dental technicians can get to work and forge, polish and adapt the tooth jewelry.Since the 1980s, the mouth of American rappers has been home to a strange phenomenon : grillz. Once viewed from above and criticized for its ostentatious character, it is now sold in trendy shops. But where do these dentures come from that cover the top and/or bottom teeth with gold-plated, diamonds and other more or less precious metals ?

Nothing looks worse than a barbecue that doesn’t suit you. A quick look at Google’s image search shows that many people make the mistake of buying silver Grillz that look simply ugly on their teeth. Of course, this is not the desired effect you want to achieve. Caution is particularly appropriate if you want a design with precious stones, Swarovski stones or diamonds. A basic rule of thumb is: if you don’t feel comfortable with it, it doesn’t look good in the end. When looking in the mirror and grinning broadly, the image that presents itself to you should impress – and ideally not just you. The opinion of a friend can definitely not hurt.

Silver grillz review

Once the silicone print has arrived, our dental technicians can start their work. Depending on the selected Model or Design, the silver Grillz is now formed from Gold or silver and adapted to your specific tooth arrangement. In this way, we ensure that the tooth jewelry sits smoothly on your teeth and does not cause any abrasion or even warped teeth. As soon as the Form is in place, it’s up to the finishing. Finally, we will send you the finished and highly polished piece again.
While you don’t have to worry about rust – after all, all our silver Grillz are made from high – quality precious metals-the care and cleaning is still very important to maintain the shine of the jewelry and not damage your teeth. Of course you should always take out Grillz before eating! Not only does it look pretty angular when Pizza leftovers hang between the Brillies, it is also very unsanitary. But even if you always take out the jewelry before eating, you will not be able to avoid a thorough cleaning at regular intervals. The superficial cleaning can be carried out easily with a toothbrush. For real high gloss you should clean the silver Grillz regularly with cleaning agents for precious metals or simple toothpaste and then bring it to high gloss with polishing cloths for Gold or silver. Make sure that the Grill is not under pressure or tension, both during cleaning and storage. Otherwise, it can happen that the piece of jewelry warps and no longer sits 100% accurately on your teeth. This must be avoided under all circumstances! Should the silver Grillz have bent nevertheless times-sometimes you can simply nothing for it – then in no case carry on! Otherwise, you risk the “braces”effect. If your silver Grillz is damaged, please contact us. For a corresponding repair fee, we will of course put the jewelry back in state.

last year, outrage over the absence of blacks in the Oscar nominations for the second consecutive year caused the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences to bend. The body that awards the famous award has made arrangements to renew in depth its college composed of 94% white. A percentage that highlights the lack of diversity in the American cultural industry.
In response, many African-American artists question the appropriation of black culture by white personalities. Among the accessories to the disputed identity : the grillz. Black rappers, from Lil Wayne to A $ AP Rocky to Snoop Dogg, are indeed many to cover their teeth with gold or diamonds. The Beyoncé and Rihanna icons are also not the last.