solid style grillz

While in those years rappers were seen with a bad eye for flaunting their wealth in that unnatural way, today “dental gold” seems to be the object of aesthetic worship that music and film celebrities seem unable to give up. Different are the divi, especially related to the world of music, who have taken the habit of showing teeth embellished with diamonds, rhinestones and gold foil.

What should we consider during buying SOLID STYLE GRILLZ ?

Given its importance, assumed in recent years, National Geographic has dedicated an entire mini-documentary to the history and production of solid style grillz, entitled The secret history of solid style grillz. It is a kind of removable prosthesis made of gold, silver or platinum and embellished if necessary with diamonds and other precious stones, all to make the smile even more sparkling. There is no shortage of the much desired vampire canines protruding from gold and diamonds.

One of the most important points when buying Grillz, even if it does not seem so at first glance, is confidence. After all, this is about nothing less than your dental health. Accordingly, you should choose a manufacturer who works seriously and whom you trust completely. In addition, there are other points to consider when buying Grillz, which we want to break down below.

If you want to embellish your pretty little biters with that certain Extra, you should first take a look at our diverse Designs. There you will find all our Designs including photo. If you have decided on a Design, it goes to the next step.

Whether plug or Grill – with us all pieces of jewelry are individual productions, which is why we need a silicone print of your teeth in advance. On this way we can make the good pieces to fit your pretty biters. We recommend a visit to the dentist for the best possible result. Negative impressions are made daily in dental practices-so if you are a little unsure, just get professional help. The price for such a print is about 15 to 20 euros. Once we have received the impression from you, our professionally trained dental technician in Berlin will get to work and adapt the tooth jewelry to your teeth. This way, potential damage from long-term use is avoided. Your dentist will certainly also inform you about the potential risks of Grillz and dental jewelry and give you a few tips on what to look out for.